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VNISI - Russian Lighting Research Institute named after S.I.Vavilov  -

It is well known around the world as the leading research center of Russian lighting engineering.  Since it was found in 1951 until now research and development works have been carried out to create new sources of light, luminaries, ballasts, energy-saving systems of lighting as well as the elaboration of new standards and recommendations of different types of lighting and certification of lighting products as well.

On the basis of VNISI we created and actually working Illuminating Engineering Society of Russia, Russian National Committee of the International Commission on Illumination (Russian NC of the CIE), the editorial office of well-known magazine "Lighting Engineering", Lighting Trade Association, Moscow Lighting House. VNISI is a national center of lighting.

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) -

MPEI - was founded in 1930 in Moscow at the very beginning of world power engineering development and was widened and enlarged with the discovering of new energy sources, solving new scientific and technological problems, implementing of new methods of energy generating, distributing and consuming. MPEI is of the same age as Russian Power Engineering. MPEI now is the largest Russian Power Engineering University and scientific center, one of the main universities in Russia in the field of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computers Science.

The official web-site of the Light department of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) is On this web-site you can find information regarding Light department activities, light engineering history, schedule of the career development courses "Technique and design of illumination". You can discuss current light engineering issues on forum. 

The Mordovian State University (MRSU) -

MRSU was founded in 1931, and is located in the capital city of Mordovia - Saransk. Saransk lies 620 km south-east of Moscow and can be reached by an overnight train. The Mordovian State University is one of the top hundred and largest higher educational establishments in Russia. It was recently ranked among the top 10 regional universities (2005).

Lighting Technology faculty in MRSU

With the emphasis on:

- Lighting Engineering and Light Sources;

- Electronic Machine Building;

- Metrology and Metrological Supply;

- Economy and Management at Enterprises;

- Standards and Certifications;

- Maintenance of Computer and Microprocessor Equipment


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