Formation and development of Russian lighting technology always depend on lighting community – patriotic, active and intellectual representatives of science, technology and industry. Formation process of lighting common structures and activity forms in our country has long and very interesting history. Let’s mention just the most important Russian lighting common stages:

  • 1908 – The First Russian conference of illumination problems was organized by group of lightning engineers, which was affiliate of Russian Technical Association.
  • 1922 – Committee of illumination engineering was organized in Moscow. It attached to Central Electro technical Board. 
  • 1927 – Association of Illumination was established on basis of Russian Technical Association in Leningrad, which was initiator of The First All-Union Conference of Illumination Engineering (Moscow, 1927). Since the middle of the thirties were lighting engineering sections in some cities by reason of the establishing of All-Union Scientific and Technical Association of electrician (ASTAE). In the late eighties the number of lighting sections was near thirty. It came under Lighting Section in Leningrad. 
  • 1939 – Soviet Lighting community had been internationally formal recognized; USSR affiliated with International Commission on Illumination (CIE); Soviet National Committee CIE, and it successfully work today. 
  • The 90s – it was hard times of global modernization in all areas of Russian society’s life. These reforms takes consolidation for lighting community, searching for and using new forms and methods of working, which use in other market-economy countries.

At the turn of the 1990 Russian Lighting Research Institute offered to establish new common lightning organization – Illuminating Engineering Society of Russia. This offer was met with approval among everybody working in the lighting area. After serious and long build-up, In September 24-25 in Moscow had place Constituent Assembly of Illuminating Engineering Society. There were 84 delegates from 29 scientific, industrial, educational and public organizations from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Tadzhikistan, Armenia, Latvia, and Estonia on this Assembly.
The Assembly resolved to establish Society, approved its regulations low and elect Gennady R. Shakhparunyants as President. J.B.Aisenberg, A.M.Kokinov and A.B.Matveev were elected as vice-presidents. M.J.Kaplinskaya was elected as chief executive. 18 various organizations handed in the application for entry into Illuminating Engineering Society on the same day.
Illuminating Engineering Society, as independent creative public organization, was created as All-Union Common in USSR. However events of USSR disintegration marched quickly. And so Department of Justice RSFSR had recorded new-born organization of illuminating engineers as Interregional Public Common Illuminating Engineering Society by means of edict №526 (Dec. 27 1991).
So, at 27th of December 1991, Interregional Illuminating Engineering Society (IIES) became consolidating society leader of Russian illuminate engineering at that hard time. There were global economical reforms in our country during the most part of the 90s, and, as result of it, severe crisis of Russian Illuminate Engineering. Consequences of that crisis (especially in area of scientific effort and technical innovations) hasn’t overcame as yet. 
However, Interregional Illuminating Engineering Society was able to do a lot of effective things for integration society lighting powers and overcoming crisis events in Russian illumination engineering. 
IIES had organized and held International Conferences of Illumination Engineering during this period. These conferences are utterly important for all lighting common. They gets more people to take in conference from year to year, holds at the highest professional level. These conferences evaluate sections of “traversed path”, searches for the most perspective line of investigation and development. 
The 1st National Conference had place at 14-21 of June 1993 in St. Petersburg. 170 specialists from 6 countries and 14 Russian cities were in on the 1st Conference.
The 2nd National Conference was holding at 22-27 of May 1995 in Suzdal under the slogan “Comfortable, energy efficient and ecological lighting”. Total number of members was 180 persons; foreign specialists from 8 countries came to Conference and discovered for themselves Russian lighting engineering. There was portback election meeting of IIES. It repeatedly elected Gennady G. Shakhparunyants President of society.
The 3rd National Lighting Conference had place at 9-11 of June 1997 in Novgorod Veliky. 165 specialists from 8 countries and 20 Russian cities took part in it. The Conference set the following problems to IIES: popularization of energy-efficient and economical lightning produce; assistance to new scientific and technical contacts among various firms; expansion of international scientific and technical contacts; joining all market forces for making of civilized and modern lighting market in Russia. 
The 4th National Lighting Conference was holding at 19-21 of June 2000 in Vologda under slogan “Illumination Engineering on the frontier of the centuries: prospects and progress”. The Conference was interest of community. It attracted attention of 210 members from 8 countries and 28 Russian cities.
Russian and foreign members were authors of 175 conference reports. Theses of them were published in special collected conference articles. An evidence of high international authority of Russian lighting was a participation of CIE President Professor H. A. Lefberg (Sweden) and CIE General Secretary K. Herman (Austria) in the conference. 
The 5th National Lighting Conference had place at 2-4 of September 2003 in St. Petersburg. It was rich of scientific and cultural program. There were a lot of subjects dedicated to dynamics of illumination development. Also there were very popular subjects such as practice application of illuminating goods produced in Russia and abroad, and as energy efficiency, ecological safety. 
The 6th National Lighting Conference was holding in Kaliningrad from 19 to 21 September 2006 with the assistance of specialists from Russia, Austria, Belorussia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and Finland.

One of the most important objects of IIES activity is connected with assistance to information interchange and application of the achievements of lighting science to modern practice. Bringing about these objects, IIES actively interact with other lighting public organizations. These organizations are: Association “Russian Light”, “Illumination Trade Association”, “Svetotekhnika” the magazine and Moscow “Lighting House”. IIES in common with these organizations prepared and held several seminars, competitions, public discussions about actual lighting problems.
The Lighting Society take part in preparation and conducting annual exhibitions “Interlight”, render informational assistance to holding lighting exhibitions in Russian regions. International activity of IIES becomes more intense too. 
IIES has conclude association agreement with English Lighting Institute; routinely communicate with German Lighting Society, German Common of Lighting and Electronic Industry workers (dept. of tubes and lamps), and “Promos” the Association (Italy).
The next portback election meeting IIES had place in February of 2000. It repeatedly elected Gennady G. Shakhparunyants President of IIES. J. Aisenberg, A. Ataev, G. Boos, A. Kokinov and V. Litushkin were elected as Vice-Presidents. L. Prikupets has been holding a post of chief executive. 
Interregional Illumination Engineering Society enters the second decade of its activity, and it is focused upon solution important problems of Russian lighting further development. 

P. Plyaskin, L. Prikupets. 


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